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Complex numbers
Available from version 5.7 in RedCrab PLUS
Calculate with complex numbers
  • A complex number is expressed in the form 2+2i. The i after the second number marks the complex number imaginary part.

  • The usual rules for real numbers can be applied to complex numbers.

  • All trigonometric and logarithmic functions and the functions Abs, Power, Sqrt and Sqr work with complex numbers
Functions for complex numbers:
Re gets the real component of a complex number  
Im gets the imaginary component of a complex number  
Arg gets the angle of a complex number  
Imag change a real number to a imaginary number  
Complex converted a complex number from two real numbers.  
Magnitude gets the magnitude (or absolute value) of a complex number  
FromPolar creates a complex number from a point's polar coordinates  
Conjugate computes the conjugate of a complex number  


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