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Work with data fields

  • Two data arrays can be operands of a mathematical expression

  • The elements of the first array are computed with the corresponding elements of the second array

  • If the array size is different, the extra elements of the longer field are ignored

  • Excess elements of b is ignored

  • In this example, the third line of b is ignored
  • This example shows the addition of a and row 1 and 3 of variable b

Create more-dimensional data arrays  
  • In the examples above, each index of a is calculated with the corresponding index of b. Alternatively RedCrab can calculate arrays in which each index of a is calculated with each index of b.

  • The result is a multidimensional field of the size indices a times indices b

  • The empty brackets following c declares the result as a multidimensional array and determines the type of the following calculation

  • The result of a multiplication of the one-dimensional array a and the two-dimensional array c is the three-dimensional array d
  • On the array level can be accessed via index

  • The example below shows the four levels of the three-dimensional array

  • The following example shows how you can read the third column in the second level of d

  • The apostrophe is the delimiter


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