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Units of measurement

  • RedCrab can calculate with units of measurement

  • Units can be allocated to a number

  • A number of units is predefined and allocated in different groups

  • Mathematical terms which contains units of the same group and the same dimension can be added and subtracted

  • Multiplication and Division are possible without restrictions if the calculations make sense


Make no sense

ha ∙ ha
3km / 2km

hectare * hectare
kilometre / kilometre
  Correct is 3km / 2 = 1.5 km    
    3km + 2km = 5km kilometre + kilometre  
    3km + 245m = 3245m kilometre + metre  
    12m + 5yd = 18.123yd metre + yard  
    5yd + 12m = 16.572m metre + yard  
    4m ∙ 5m = 20m2 metre ∙ metre  
    2ha + 950m2 = 20950m2 hectare + square metre  
    650km / 5.5h = 118.18km/h Kilometre / hour  
  • The result displays the unit of the right operand

  • In the unit input box on the tool bar, you can input a preferred unit of measurement, which will be shown instead

  • The preferred unit of measure is ignored if the result is incompatible


  • If the default presetting for units is miles, all length are displayed in miles
  • With the feature formatting of results, a preferred unit can be assigned to a variable

  • In the example below the result of x is displayed in yard and y is displayed in miles

  • Info: You can open the window for formatting with a double-click on the variable



  • New units can be derived from the predefined units of measurement
  dm = 0.1m
3dm + 25cm = 55cm
  • The names of the units can be overloaded by assigning a value to them

  • In the example, m is defined as a variable with a value of 15. In this case, m cannot be used as a unit of measurement

  m  = 15
  • The feature unit of measure can be switch off in the group Settings->Tools
List of predefiened units of measurement

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