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Surface settings
  • The button Surface settings opens a dialog to change the surface chart settings

  • Title
    In Title text you can insert a chart box headline Additionally you can change the text size and colour

  • Border
    Changes the border width and colour

  • Background
    Changes the Background colour

  • Interpolation
    Defines the shape types that are used to draw the surface. Charts that use the Linear interpolation type have sharper edges than charts that use the Bezier interpolation type




  • Texture type
    Changes the texture of the chart

    Solid colour


    Gradient colour

  • Close model
    Add side walls to the model. From the model surface down to the bottom




  • Camera type
    Change the type of the camera in Perspektive or Orthographic

  • Mesh face size
    Change the size of the faces that build the mesh of the 3D chart

  • Merge threshold
    The threshold for merging points

  • Sensitivity
    Change the sensitivity with which the chart represents changes between adjacent data values

  • Ground level
    Changes the value that indicates the level of the ground in the chart. Use the Ground level property to change where the X and Y axis intersect

  • Wire thickness
    Change the thickness of the wire frame

  • Shader effect
    Change the 3D effect of the chart

  • Fill back side
    Change the model back side from colour to transparency

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