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Prefix presetting
  • If the Prefix auto mode is used, the prefix is displayed that corresponds to the exponent

  • In the following example the result of an expression is the distance between two points, the format symbols "#m" displays the result in meters (m)
  • The displayed result: 3.65Mm (Mega meter) is correct, but unusual. Therefore, in "RedCrab" you can set certain prefixes with the "Prefix" menu

  • For example, if you choose the prefix "k (kilo)", the result is displayed as below

  • RedCrab also has the option to select a group of prefixes or to determine an upper or lower limit

  • To do this, use the Ctrl key and select the lower limit in the Prefix menu

  • Then hold the Ctrl key and select the upper limit in the Prefix menu

  • The example below shows results with the limits "m" (milli) and "k" (kilo)

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